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How Tibbaa helps you grow your company

How Tibbaa helps you grow your company

How Tibbaa helps you grow your company

We help you to reach new and existing customers. Our extensive loyalty program stimulates our Tibbaa Smartcard users to do purchases with you. Extend your brand network with more than 1.000.000 potential customers.

Reach more customers

Tibbaa Smartcard holders automatically save up loyalty points with every transaction. This makes every purchase made with the Tibbaa Smartcard worth money. Double as many loyalty points can be saved by purchasing with connected partners. Making the purchase double as interesting! Our Tibbaa Smartcard users are your customers. Distinguish yourself from your competitors by becoming a coalition loyalty partner, create more traffic and develop lasting relationships with your customers while having steady revenue growth!

Target group
(event visitors 18-35 years)

Marketing campaigns

No cure no pay

Branding &
revenue growth

The communication platform of Tibbaa updates users on connected partners. The platform is further used for putting out segmented marketing campaigns. This enables you to send the right message, in the right time to the right target group. We do this via our ticketing, website, app, direct mailing and much more. As a partner, you will actively be involved in this process. Furthermore, we have promotional material at your disposal that enables users to recognize your company and brand directly as a loyalty partner.

The biggest advantages for the partner

  • No setup fee as partner
  • Potential reach of more than 1.000.000 consumers within the target group millennials in the Netherlands

  • Branding due to the Tibbaa media/ communication platform
  • Advantage over your competitors as the user only saves up double as many loyalty points with coalition loyalty partners
  • No cure no pay

The biggest advantages for the user

  • Festival services via the Tibbaa Smartcard
  • Save money by receiving loyalty points with every purchase
  • Save up double as many loyalty points upon purchase with partners
  • Loyalty points can be spent on (personally) customized products/services

No cure no pay

Powerful marketing campaigns

Loyalty points

Reaching customers should not have to cost you. This is why it is completely free of charge to join Tibbaa as a coalition loyalty partner. The moment a cardholder pays with the Tibbaa Smartcard, we calculate a commission fee for the new consumer. This means that only upon guaranteed revenue, i.e. a paying customer, investment of the marketing budget occurs.
In other words.. No cure no pay.

Furthermore, in order to enhance the win-win situation, the possibility to easily communicate extensive and specific on- and offline marketing campaigns is offered. Having complete insight into marketing statistics enables the evaluation of online marketing activities. The process of collecting, managing and analyzing data provides insight and a clear overview of the results. All communication possibilities within the Tibbaa platform are described in the media package. The outgoing communication can be managed and put out in a self-determined mediamix. We would like to present you with a customized, detailed quotation upon consultations. Ask for our mediapackage to start orientating and see for yourself.

Cardholders receive loyalty points with every transaction. These points can be redeemed in the Tibbaa2pay webshop, for (personally) customized products and services. Additionally, cardholders can redeem their loyalty points for offers and campaigns at you as a partner. This will enable you to connect and build sustainable customer relations. These campaigns are up to you and according to your wishes, i.e. product sales, 2 for 1 and cashback

Become a loyalty partner

Request more information about the coalition partner program. We gladly make time to discuss our mutual interests. Your success is our success!

Sign up for the coalition partner program, no strings attached!

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