Your tickets are always insured

Your tickets are always insured

Your tickets are always insured

Cancellation insurance for tickets

This insurance covers ticket purchases, including reservation costs, made with the Tibbaa Smartcard if you are not able to attend an event. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Follow the button below to submit a claim directly. We would like to refer you to the conditions as described below.  Keep your insurance number close (you can find it in your dashboard) and fill in your details, as known by us in the Tibbaa portal.

Submit claim directly

What is insured?

  • The cost of a ticket, including reservation costs. In the case of non attendance due to any of the reasons stated in the General conditions. This applies only if the event ticket is paid for with the Tibbaa Smartcard.

  • A ticket is proof of entry for a sport event, musical concert, exhibition, educational or cultural tour, cinema, theatre, theme park, military exhibition or visitation of another touristic attraction that takes place in Europe. These tickets need to be sold prior to event.

What is not insured

  • Tickets that are purchased and paid for with another payment method than with the Tibbaa Smartcard.

  • Cancellation of an event ticket that was paid for, because someone did not ‘feel’ like going

Are there any insurance limits?

  • Maximum compensation covers the ticketprice, including reservation costs.

  • In case of relocation or date changes of an event by the organiser(s) of event.

  • Maximum number of 2 claims per 12 months.

Where am I insured?

  • In Europe. You have to be residing in the Netherlands.

What are my obligations?

At the beginning of the insurance

  • The purchase of a ticket needs to be done with the Tibbaa Smartcard.

In case of a claim

  • You can submit your claim online:

  • In case of questions, you can contact Chubb: 010-2893545 or

  • You need to be able to present valid proof of cancellation

Throughout the duration

  • Not applicable

When and how do I pay?

  • The insurance contribution is being paid for by Tibbaa.

What is the commence and end date of the coverage?

  • Commence: The insurance, based on collective insurance, commences on the date the cardholder activates the Tibbaa Smartcard. General Terms and Conditions apply on the Tibbaa Smartcard.

  • Duration: As long as the collective insurance is active on the Tibbaa Smartcard

  • End: The moment the collective insurance is cancelled or the moment the Tibbaa Smartcard is no longer active.

How do I terminate my contract?

  • The insurance is automatically linked to your Tibbaa Smartcard

  • For questions regarding your Tibbaa Smartcard, please contact Tibbaa

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